Iodine Colloidal 3% Solution

Iodine Colloidal 3% Solution

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Colloidal Iodine 3% Solution is a transdermal suspension of pure iodine flakes to assist in the treatment of iodine deficiency. This preparation is not taken orally and is applied to the skin. 

Quantity 25mL


Apply 1 drop to the skin of the inner arm, abdomen or upper thigh ONCE daily. If the stain disappears within a day, your body has taken in the iodine and repeat on a daily basis.

Once the stain remains of the skin for over 1 day, repeat dose only once the stain has disappeared (i.e. if the stain remains for 3 days, apply evey 3 days, if the stain remains for 5 days, apply every 5 days).

The goal of this treatment is to apply it ONCE weekly where your iodine levels are at adequate levels. 

Please consult with your health care professional if this treatment is suitable for you.

  • Do not use if you have a pre-existing iodine allergy